5 Ways To Improve Your Fitness

5 Ways To Improve Your Fitness

1. Choose an important reason for becoming more active

Ask yourself. Why am I being active? Some reason maybe that you want to lose weight, sleep better, increase your energy, gain strength, add muscle tone and flexibility, or to just feel good.

2. Pick an activity that you enjoy

Choose activities you enjoy. There is no point choosing something that you don’t enjoy. Variety is key, if you get bored with one activity, try a different one.

3. Set some goals and track your progress

Set a goal that is realistic for yourself to achieve. Keep notes, or use an online app to track your progress. You can track your steps using a health app on your phone. Enjoy the challenge and remember results aren’t achieved over night.

4. Don’t punish yourself

Everyone has bad days when they might not do some or all of an activity. Just ignore it and get back on track the next day. You are doing great!

5. Give yourself rewards

When you achieve goals or steps to a goal, give yourself a treat — preferably a healthy one.

5 ways to improve your fitness

Improve fitness

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