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Case Studies Health Shack. Want to see Health Shack’s case studies, from some of our loyal customers? Take a look at our clients experiences below.

Paul's Story

Setting goals is important … We would like to celebrate Paul reaching his first goal ……… 100 sit to stands unaided ….. We have managed it with 2 weeks to spare !! Help us congratulate him !!

whoop 🙌 👏

Paul came to us 5 months ago, after having a stroke 2 years ago.

A massive well done, your hard work and determination has paid off.
Now for a new goal 🥅

Paul P- MS
‘I was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago, and about 5 years later I discovered Health Shack. The staff are excellent, and devise an exercise programme tailored to your needs, which goes to maintain/improve fitness. The knowledgable staff are there to encourage and advise you, and there is also good banter with the other members and staff.’

Lisa's Story

Health Shack – the unconventional gym, where everyone has the right to exercise.

Meet Lisa, this is her 2nd time here and wanted to let you know how she is feeling after her first session.
Lisa was so active before suffering an inflammatory condition and was worried she wouldn’t be able to find anywhere to suit her exercise needs without suffering pain after.
This started to affect her mental state and was getting her down, not being able to be active as she used to be.
Lisa was anxious regarding how the power assisted machines would affect her afterwards as everything she had tried before has.
She completed her free trial with no aches and pains, and booked back in with us.
Take a minute to listen to what she has to say

Celia's Story

Thankyou to Celia for letting us share your story.
Celia came to us in pain with complaints of arthritis, fibromyalgia and had a hip replacement.
We have worked on Celia’s mobility, balance and coordination, using a mixture of the power assisted machines, HIIT, and weights.
After the hip replacement, Celia found it a struggle to get up and down off the floor comfortably and without pain.
She can now get up and down unassisted and without worrying she would get stuck.

Customer Feedback

Dale had a great experience at Health Shack catching the essence of what we do, and how our assisted machines help our members.
Here’s Dale interviewing one of members Paul, to see how Health Shack has helped with his quality of life…….
Paul- “I couldn’t walk when I got here”
Dale- “You couldn’t walk??”
Paul- “no, but I’m now doing somersaults” 🤣🤣🤣
It’s good to see Paul hasn’t lost his sense of humour ! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

Ian's Story

A massive thankyou to Ian Pallister for letting us share your story.
Ian came to us with knee pain and mobility issues. A mix of following our advice, using the power assisted machines, saunas and our complimentary therapies … Ian can now manage his knee pain and exercise, move and have a good nights sleep pain free 😄🙌
Power assisted enables you to achieve much more than you would be able to do on your own.
Resistance exercise enables stronger joints, bones and releases synovial fluid ….. the WD40 of the human body, with no stress on the joints.
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