Arthritis & Infrared saunas


Arthritis & Infrared Saunas. Infrared sauna therapy can be used to assist people living with a range of degenerative diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. Which can cause many side effects, including pain, stiffness, fatigue, and joint destruction.

For therapy was proven, to significantly reduce pain and inflammation of Osteoarthritis over a 24-hour period. Additionally, For treatment was demonstrated to provide greater movement in the joints, increased connective tissue flexibility, and increased endorphins levels in the bloodstream. Resulting in greater pain relief. Making you feel amazing, within your own body.

Infrared Saunas are seated, quiet, comfortable workout without the exertion. Research has also shown that infrared light boosts peripheral circulation, reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and speeds healing. This is exactly what tired and tender joints and muscles need.

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