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Benefits Of Exercise Rehabilitation

The benefits of a good exercise and rehabilitation program include; faster recovery from your condition, less pain and it also reduces your chance of re-injury. Programs are adapted at every stage of your recovery starting with basic stretches and mobilisations that can be done at home or at work. While exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and preventive for chronic illnesses, it can also be therapeutic. Exercise can help a person heal, regain lost physical functions, and strengthen current body functions. Therapeutic exercise can help those with osteoarthritis, breathing problems, metabolic disorders, vascular disorders, limited range of motion, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. In many cases when a physician determines that exercise is not only beneficial, but necessary to a person’s health and well-being, they will give an exercise prescription. The benefits of regular exercise are countless, prescribed or not, but when it is given under the guidance of an exercise professional it is tailored specifically to a person and lowers the risk of an exercise injury.

Pre & Post Op Rehab

Have you got a knee or hip replacement surgery booked in? Did you know that exercising before your surgery will help your recovery. Exercises you do before knee replacement surgery can strengthen your knee, improve flexibility, and help you recover faster. What happens if you don’t do your exercise after knee replacement? Decreased blood flow to the area can negatively affect healing at the surgical site. Muscles can weaken and atrophy if they go too long without use. Not learning or relearning proper movement can put stress on the knees.

At Health Shack, we can help you with you pre & post operation exercises. Our power assisted machines are perfect for getting you back into exercise and movement with no stress on your joints. Helping to strengthen the muscles that support the joints, to assist with recovery. With helpful tips and advice from our qualified staff, you will not only regain your movement and strength, you will also enjoy the process along the way. Moving downstairs to the HIIT studio to further aid your recovery. We have a membership for people needing that extra support getting on and off the machines, and help with the exercises throughout their rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation Health Shack

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