Who We Help?


Who We Help?

Who Health Shack Can Help?

Health Shack has an experienced team of Professionals who will carry out a thorough assessment of the member and formulate a customised exercise plan designed to match their objectives.

Everyone gets coaching included in the membership. Members are given a regular MOT, and can take part in challenges for extra motivation. Health Shack provides a welcoming and relaxing environment. Members can exercise at their own pace and capabilities, socialise and meet new friends. Coming from a medical background with a more holistic approach to health & Wellbeing.

Who We Help?

We are a rehabilitation gym & holistic therapy centre for people who require help to:

• Manage pain -Knee/hip replacements

• Strokes

• Cardiac problems

• Sports injuries

• Back problems

• Postural problems

• Weight problems

• Depression/ anxiety

We provide help & care for people with Long term health problems such as:

• Parkinson’s

• MS

• Fibromyalgia

• Dementia early stages

Rehabilitation Health Shack

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