Is The Health Shack Right For You?


Is The Health Shack Right For You?

How can Health Shack help you?

We are a community based gym for people who require help to:

-Manage pain
-Knee/hip replacements
-Cardiac problems
-Sports injuries
-Back problems
-Postural problems
-Weight problems

We help with

We provide help & care for people with Long term health problems such as:

-Dementia early stages
-Chronic fatigue syndrome
-and much more.
A gym with a difference – that’s Health Shack.

A place where you can get help and support, build confidence and manage pain symptoms arising from chronic illnesses or surgery – all under one roof.
The Health Shack Team are proud to be part of that dream, helping to support the local community and people of Huddersfield.

Is The Health Shack Right For You?

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