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A little gem hidden away in Almondbury! A hub of community spirit, with all ages and walks of life in one room, with one common goal- to get fitter! The age range is unbelievably broad, from young to older clients and all are made welcome, whatever their ability. There is a workout for all capabilities as the highly trained and welcoming staff are always at hand (without being pushy) to help out. They offer advice or push you as they feel necessary to help you to achieve your goals, whether that be better mobility, easing of pain, or in my case, wanting to gain strength and lose pounds. I have achieved this in four weeks and the results are amazing. The staff always make you feel welcome and are so supportive and listen to what you want to get out of your session. All are tailor made to suit you-this is certainly not one size fits all, offering advice on all sorts of health-related subjects!! Yes-getting fit and our well-being is top priority, but to have this in a comfortable, supportive, welcoming, fun and inclusive environment is something you do not get anywhere else. It truly is a community within a community-an opportunity to mix with people you may never speak to in day to day life. I’m sure it has given some people a new lease of life!! I’m not sure there has been anything like this in Almondbury before and I hope this business is successful for many, many years, as its staff are an asset to our community and its spirit.

Thank you, Health Shack!!

Sinead Noble

Health Shack are amazing... Annette and Danni in particular - you ladies have really helped me and motivated me to get fit. You give great advice on how to use all the equipment and even if you have any injuries (I have a bad knee and lower back) this can be worked around with a programme to suit your ability. They have fantastic knowledge and are happy to share this and help wherever they can. They will give you the motivation to push yourself, but only as far as you are comfortable. There's always a fab atmosphere whenever I go and they play great music too  :-) You have helped me immensely and i thank you for that

Tracey Fawcett

Staff here are great and very understanding and work hand in hand with each person to help them achieve their goals, none of the no pain no gain lark.

David Wright

Such a fabulous find. Has helped me with my aches and pains. I have lost a stone in a short period of time, and I have generally never felt as better. The staff are amazing and Annette is extremely helpful and caring (as are the other girls x)

Ben Franco

Having played golf from the age of twelve, joining the Professional ranks some fifty two years ago, I know two of the most important ingredients of a powerful swing is strength and flexibility. From the first day I joined the Healthshack, Annette gave me a programme to get back both my strength and flexibility, especially in my neck, which I've never been able to move freely most of my adult life. I seem to have turned back the clock some twenty years, golf is so much more fun again. A massive thank you to Annette and Dani, Parnell Reilly, Captain of the Professional Golfers' Association of Great Britain and Ireland 2007/8.

Parnell Reilly

My beautiful wife Christine has had Parkinson’s for nearly over 4 years and has trouble walking also losing power in her arms. But now after 2 months at the health shack what a difference. Not only is she walking better her mood has improved. I would recommend health shack to everybody.

Kevin Baxter

I cannot heap enough praise on this establishment. After suffering for two long years with quite severe neck and back pains I was persuaded to join up at the Health Shack by my 78 year old father who is also a member. This has turned out to be one of my wiser choices in life because after 2 short months I find my neck problems have almost completely gone.........something no amount of medication or physio had so far been able to do. The staff are extremely helpful and have created a great atmosphere which makes the whole experience not only beneficial health wise but it also does wonders for your well being.
Give it a go.........I am so glad I did !.

Andrew Hodgens

With busy lives, finding time to keep fit, lose weight and more importantly inches is difficult. So being able to go to a gym together is a real bonus - especially when you get the results we have!

David Broadhead Rhona Broadhead

I'm amazed at the results that I have achieved. After only four weeks I've lost 34" overall in body fat and 6lb in weight. I initially joined the Health Shack in increase my strength due to having back and shoulder problems. I'm more flexible and can do so much more. My aches and pains have reduced and I know that I can only keep getting better. The team are absolutely amazing. They always keep an eye on you and give you tips on ways to improve your health.


After hardly walking anywhere due to bad knees joined health shack and never looked back, Annette. Dani and Linda got me walking short walks without my stick, working on my muscles to keep me fit for my knee surgery and also lost weight but most important I lost over 30 inches. now had my knee surgery and just been given the all clear to go back to the health shack after 6 weeks. Great to be back and had a fabulous welcome from the team. Missed all that. only had 2 sessions and already feeling very positive to get moving and healthy again. Keep up the good works Annette and team and thank you for all the help you have given me

Judy Thorpe

What an amazing positive place. I have lost 50" and feel amazing. Even better last year's clothes falling off!! Keep up with your positive work Annette, Danni and Linda

Lynda Jackson

Thank you to all the team. I can't praise Health shack and the team enough. All the hard work and support you guys have given me . Since I have been coming , I have been coming , I have improved so much in my mobility xx

Shahnaz Akhtar

Thank you to all the staff for the support and encouragement. Think you are all fantastic xx

Carol Sykes

As a personal trainer who has worked in South Kensington in London next to Knightsbridge @ LAX one of the most exclusive and renowned gym facilities in London and Europe , I am fascinated when I feel that there is a business in the health and fitness industry that is an industry leader and a powerful force to create change in people's mentalitys with regards to fitness and the individuals ability to change .

Health -Shack is all of these and it's has been created by a lady with integrity , honesty and vision. For people who cannot excercise and regain their strength and fitness and health in a conventional way @ the gym due to disabilities .... then this place is the only way forward.... please people see the magic and love and power behind the health shack.

Dale Caldwell (Personal trainer - R.E.P.S Certified) Boxing coach and trainer @ Dw fitness manchester & LAX South Kensington London )

'm severely disabled, after breaking my back several years i now walk with a delta frame, hunched over in pain. After just 5 sessions i have not only lost weight but my pain has eased and now stand upright! unreal!! : ))

Gina Hampson

Beautiful place, with lovely staff and great atmosphere.

Mel Fisher

So invigorating yet relaxing! Feel great every time I go!

Julie Spencer

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