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General fitness and wellbeing

Health Shack use a proven incremental programme to re-train muscle patterns, whilst at the same time stimulating the muscles, controlling weight and improving circulation, breathing, mobility and posture.

The Health Shack 3-Step Programme


The objective of the first stage is to soften and realign musculature and posture in preparation for Stage 2. The initial stage is done with zero or low biomechanical resistance settings on the exercise machines so the body responds sympathetically to the induced rhythmic action. The user will experience a relaxation and softening of the muscles and there will be changes in weight distribution and improved body shape.

Step 2

Stage 2 is designed to improve posture and strengthen and tone the muscles that have been conditioned in Stage 1. The exercise machines are set to a low to medium biomechanical resistance setting so the user is working actively which leads to a reduction in fatty tissue.

Step 3

Having achieved the improvements in muscle tone, posture, body shape and weight loss in Stages 1 and 2, the aim of Stage 3 is to maintain and improve these benefits over the long term. The machines are set to a biomechanical resistance appropriate to each client’s physical condition and can be reviewed periodically to maintain fitness and wellbeing.
In summary, the Health Shack 3-Step Programme will:

  • control weight and body shape;
  • improve posture, mobility, agility and endurance;
  • boost circulation and breathing;
  • enhance confidence and wellbeing.

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