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How Does Power-assisted Exercise (PAE) Work?

Health Shack uses power-assisted exercise machines from the proven Shapemaster Easytone and Powertone ranges. Unlike conventional gym equipment, Shapemaster equipment does not rely exclusively on muscle power; it is controlled by an electronic power system, biomechanically matched to the human body, which can be precisely set so the user can work passively or actively, depending on their ability. As the user does not have to provide the motive force, they do not have to overcome inertia in order to use the equipment, so it is a perfect choice for anyone coming back to exercise after periods of rest or inactivity, including older people or those with mobility issues.

The seven pieces of equipment in the Health Shack centre are designed to provide a circuit that will exercise and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body and will help to re-train muscle patterns, whilst at the same time stimulating the muscles and improving circulation, breathing mobility and posture.

Through a set number of movements that target the upper and lower body as well as core areas such as the back and abdominals, the exercise machines will work muscles that are no longer put under pressure as well as realign the posture of an individual. In addition to the benefits of greater muscle tone that will be achieved, circulation and flexibility will also improve. All these movements are completed without impact on the body as a whole or strain on an individual area.

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